There is nothing on earth truly like the unique experience of floatation therapy. It is the only therapy that allows your body to be weightless so you can be free from the pressure of gravity.

At Skinny Dip Health Retreat for women you can choose to float on your own or with a friend in our beautiful float pool for 2 with star effect ceiling! Just lay back and float away all your stress, tiredness, anxiety or pain.

You float in water just 10 inches deep, consisting of concentrated Epsom Salts, which allows you to float effortlessly on the surface just like in the Dead Sea. The water and air within the float room is heated to body temperature so you feel at one with this comforting, supportive and safe environment.

You can choose to float to gentle music and have the lights on or for a deeper experience of rest and relaxation you can choose to float in silence and without light. This form of floating allows the body to experience profound relaxation and slows your brainwaves down for truly regenerative rest and recuperation.

Our float centre is open from 8.30am to 7pm Tuesday to Sunday

Single float session Launch Price £45 (RRP £50) (50 minutes) – Buy my float session!

2 people float session Launch Price £80 (RRP £90) (50 minutes) – Buy my float session!

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Why is floating good for you?

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