About Skinny Dip Health Retreat

Skinny Dip Health Retreat is at Potton Hall, Westleton just off the Suffolk coast and founded by Priscilla Westgarth. Potton Hall is both a family home and business offering a retreat centre for women only.

This exclusive sanctuary and retreat centre for women opens its doors with an open weekend on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May.

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A Rapid Transformation Therapy consultant and staunch believer in the rejuvenation and regeneration power of juicing and wholefood nutrition, Priscilla has created a sanctuary of tranquility for women seeking refuge from the stress and challenge of daily life.

Skinny Dip Health Retreat is all ABOUT YOU!

“As a woman, wife, mother and business owner I know how hard it can be to find me time. My mission is to help women of any age make the most out of themselves and life. I love life and I choose to be happy regardless of what life throws at me. I truly believe we all have limitless potential and my life reflects my beliefs and values.” Priscilla Westgarth

We are about helping you find within yourself all the power you will ever need to overcome challenges, and thrive in all areas of your life. Skinny Dip Health Retreat offers you a chance to take off the clothes of an old you, an old life so you can see your ‘naked truth’ and start to heal all the aspects of your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that sabotage your health and happiness.

WHY come to Skinny Dip Health Retreat?

Come along to simply relax and chill out on one of our spa days.

Super-charge your energy or lose weight with our own recipe Skinny Juices and health food.

Experience the bliss of deep relaxation and float away stress, anxiety or pain with floatation therapy.

Learn how to become the very best version of yourself and transform your body, your lifestyle and your relationships with one to one Rapid Transformation Therapy with Priscilla Westgarth, Qualified Therapist & Owner of Skinny Dip Health Retreat.

Have a life changing experience with our retreats.